Pediatric fever reduction massage

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Pediatric fever massage technique

The following massage techniques are commonly used in children with fever:

1. Open the Tianmen

location : Two eyebrows Point on, until the hairline.

Manipulation: From the thumb of both hands, push alternately from bottom to top 100 times. The intensity should be soft and the speed should be even. Frequency: 200-300 times/min.

Efficacy: It has the effect of rejuvenating and calming the mind.

2. Push Kan Palace

Position: Start from the center of the eyebrows of the two eyebrows and extend to the eyebrows on both sides.

Manipulation: Push 00 times from the heart to the outer eyebrow. Frequency: 200-300 times/min.

Efficacy: It has the effect of relieving the wind and refreshing the mind.

3. Yuntai Temple

Position: The obvious depression behind the intersection of the corner of the eye and the eyebrow.

Manipulation: Massage the acupuncture point with your thumb or middle finger and turn it 100 times clockwise or counterclockwise. (The trajectory is arc-shaped or circular, clockwise has a tonic effect, and counterclockwise has a diminishing effect). The movement should be lighter, slower, and a little harder towards the pinna. The power stays on the surface of the skin, not deep into the muscles. Frequency: 80-120 times/min.

Efficacy: It has the effect of awakening the brain and opening the mind.

4. Qingfeijing

Location: the end of the ring finger, where the lines are densely lined.

Manipulation: Rotating and pushing maneuver can have a tonic effect; pushing from the fingertip to the heel of the finger has the effect of clearing the lungs. Here you should choose to clear the lungs, that is, once pushed the fingertips to the heels 200 times. Note that the force should be even and the force should be gentle. Frequency: 200-300 times/min.

Efficacy: Clear lung heat, reduce phlegm, relieve cough and reduce fever.

5. Qingtian River Water

Location: Internal measurement of the forearm, starting from the wrist stripes to the elbow stripes

Manipulation: Use your index finger to drink the middle finger to the abdomen position, and push it from the wrist to the elbow 200 times, not in the reverse direction. Use even force and be gentle. Frequency: 200-300 times/min.

Efficacy: Pushing this acupoint has the effect of clearing away fever and relieving fever, and dispelling wind and dispelling the table.

6. Push Liufu

Position: the side of the forearm's little finger, from the elbow to the wrist

Manipulation: Use the thumb or index finger, and push the middle finger from the elbow all the way to the wrist (not reverse) 200 times. Frequency: 200-300 times/min.

Efficacy: remove internal heat, cool blood and detoxify.

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