Daughter's transformation

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Title of this article: Daughter's Change

Daughter's Change

Daughter's Change

Every morning, after getting up and washing her daughter, she came to the Buddha statue and offered a lantern piously, then folded her hands together, saluted, and silently vowed ... who can think of this moment? She's a different person in the past it?

Daughter joined Christianity after a 'baptism' with a group of sisters of the same age at the age of sixteen or seven. She is still a believer. Five years ago, after suffering from uremia, she even'delivered her life to God'. Regarding my conversion to the Three Treasures, she takes an attitude of nothing to herself, and she insists on her faith. The only thing that pleases me is that she gradually believes that there is cause and effect.

One day, my daughter told me that she often had nightmares for a while, and it was difficult to fall asleep after waking up, and I told her: it was the distress of the injustice creditor who had been hurt by her, if you want to stop having nightmares in the future , Then you have to confess and confess. My daughter started to be half-trusted, and I said it would be okay to give it a try. The daughter then intermittently told a secret hidden in her heart. She said that she was in love with a handsome guy when she was 18 when she was working in the field because she couldn't hold her child and quietly made a flow. The daughter cried and said, Because I was afraid of blaming me, I never dared to tell me about it. At this moment, the fetus killed not only caused her illness, but also made her nightmare. She said that she had confessed in the church before, but it had no effect, still Entangled by nightmares. I didn't expect to suffer such a painful reward after only doing a stream of people. But why do some sisters around you do two or three times, and some more times but nothing? I told her that it was because the blessings accumulated in their past life had not been used up. When their blessings were exhausted, the results would naturally come forward. So I asked her to go with me to give birth, to provide lights, and to return to the baby spirit who gave abortion. [Organized by Www.DuanMeiWen.Com]

After her daughter participated in several releases and offering lamps, she never had nightmares again. After that, the daughter offered a lamp at home every morning and prayed for peace and health. Although the change was slight, there were blessings from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. I believe she will eventually be completely converted. My daughter also experienced something that touched her:

One day, I accompanied my daughter to do dialysis in the hospital. During the dialysis, my daughter's blood pressure was suddenly low, she fell into a coma, and her life was in danger. I was panic Liushenwuzhu, only desperate to read the mantra, and sent WeChat in the group to ask the brothers to help the mantra to return. After more than ten minutes, the daughter woke up and her blood pressure returned to normal. The doctor said doubtfully that the usual coma is injections and rescue three. After only forty minutes or so, it started to pick up slowly, and it would be fine so fast this day, strange! On the way home, I told my daughter that Daoyou Nianxu returned to her and she quickly turned to safety. She didn't say anything in her mouth, but after that, she increased the supply from a lamp before the Buddha. Seven lamps.

I know that every subtle change of my daughter is inseparable from the blessings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Although she is not a Buddhist at the moment, but with time, with her daughter's understanding of the Dharma, I believe she will eventually Become a member of our King Kong Daoist friends. Reprinted from the good-natured nurses (WeChat public account: shuanyuanhs).

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