Let the child grow up happily

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Title of this article: Let children grow up happily

Let children grow up happily

Let the child grow up happily

If a baby is still in his mother's stomach, know that his mother does not want him to come to the world or want to be born To someone else, you can imagine how sad he was, anger and despair. It is said that maternal love is great; maternal love is selfless; maternal love is warm ... but. When a woman with imperfect personality and immature mind becomes a mother, then his maternal love will be a child's nightmare.

If you have the following qualities, a single mother can also make your child healthy and healthy, and grow up happily.

First: self-improvement, independence; [Organized by Www.DuanMeiWen.Com]

Second: Positive, optimistic;

Third: Gentle and warm;

Fourth: Responsibility and responsibility;

Fifth: open-mindedness and kindness.

said that God has the virtue of a good life. Being a mother is not the life you give your child, you have the right to kill him. If you are negative and pessimistic, if you are anxious and confused, if you are indifferent and do not understand love. If you just want to use a child to tie a man who doesn't love you. So, women, please clean yourself and love yourself. Please be cautious about entering the sacred field of mothers.

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