Not sleeping at noon

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Title of this article: No sleep at noon

No sleep at noon

No sleep at noon

Doudou's mother called my colleague on this day, reflecting that the child did not sleep during lunch break, which caused his homework to doze at night. Obviously, there is a place where we have failed. Without hesitation, immediately start to reflect:

Is directly hanging to criticize the child? Or ask questions to guide children towards the correct answer? A little calm will reveal that the latter is the first choice.

Doudou has been sleeping with his good friends for three days from Monday to Wednesday, but no child has reported that Doudou does not sleep. At noon, all the children came back, and I had a small meeting with the children. Identify the following questions: [Organized by www.DuanMeiWen.Com]

1. Who is Doudou sleeping next to these days?

2. If a classmate influences self-rest, he should take the initiative to tell the classmate that it is time to go to bed. If it doesn't work, you should tell the teacher in time, instead of dragging the matter until the parents have opinions. Personalized signature of boys

3. Both parents hope that the babies can grow up healthy and happy on the jigsaw puzzle. Growing up is not just about eating, but also about sleeping.

4. Do you like jigsaw puzzles? If you like it, you must respect each other and don't overdo it. It's counterproductive to like if you get something different from your parents.

5. Directly but carefully note the mistakes of the child who affected Doudou's lunch break, and guide the child to re-understand: good friends should also respect each other, affecting others'sleep is impolite and affecting self It is even more impolite for a good friend to sleep. Sales team slogan

Give good intentions without giving good faces, this is a faint trick that can't be blocked. How do children grow up without encountering various problems? Experience can only be accumulated in the various things experienced. Therefore, let the children encounter various problems, so that there is a good opportunity for further interaction with the child. For most children, repressive education is undesirable.

Do you understand? At noon, the children were asleep. Even the child who usually doesn't like to sleep is asleep. The reason is clear, the sleeping position is adjusted, and the effect begins to manifest!

Thank you for your attention! We look forward to everyone's more interactive communication, so that we can communicate with our children in a timely and scientific manner. What we want to cultivate are reasonable children, not blind children. I wish the children healthy growth both physically and mentally!

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