Words for Baby Girls

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This article's title: Writing for Baby Girls

Words for Baby Girls

Words for Baby Girls

Happy Birthday for Baby Girls!

Children, today is your eighteenth birthday, many people of your age are still studying hard in high school, you are already a sophomore, we feel that you have a daughter like you Pride and pride. Coincidentally, it's also the first birthday that neither mom nor dad celebrates for you. This may mean that you are really an adult.

Eighteen years old, a gorgeous and splendid age; an age that is fearless and striving for progress; an age full of emotions and sentimentality; and an age that blooms toward self-independence. You have mastered a lot of textbook knowledge in the past 18 years of learning and growth, but social knowledge is almost blank. Textbook knowledge should be enriched through social practice, and social practice should be based on textbook knowledge. University is your way from school to society A gorgeous turn, you need to accumulate experience in practice and precipitate yourself, so all your preparations are necessary now, all for the purpose of accumulating thin hair. Mom and Dad believe that our baby girl is the best and the most resistant..

is eighteen years old, a gradually independent age. Although you will always be a child in the eyes of your parents, you are an adult in the eyes of classmates, friends, teachers and social people, and you are also a person with complete civil and criminal responsibility. Think more, think about several ways to solve the problem, and choose the best way to solve it, so you will be independent quickly. [Organized by www.DuanMeiWen.Com]

is eighteen, an age facing many choices. As the saying goes: choose the right friend for a happy life; choose the right teacher for a lifetime; choose the right lover for a happy life; choose the right industry for a lifetime. Mom and Dad hope that the baby daughter will be cautious, wise and correct in making every choice, because choice is really more than effort.

is eighteen years old, a dream age. What my mother wants to say is that you must always stick to your dreams and work hard towards your dreams and goals. Only in this way can you achieve the sports cars, villas and castles, because the dream is as big as the stage, You have been the pride of mom and dad since childhood, and we believe you will do it! Luoyang Zhigui's work is

eighteen years old, an age eager to be loved. From today on, there may be many suitors and admirers around you, and you will also seriously consider your future. What your mother wants to tell you is that it is very important to choose a person as your lifelong partner. It needs comprehensive measurement. First of all, he must be caring, and only with love can give, tolerance, and trust; secondly, a sense of responsibility, only a responsible person can hold up a blue sky for you, in order to shield you from the wind and rain; and finally, you must have a career (that is, enterprising Heart), only those who have a career can create a good material life for you, and can make you worry-free. A person with these three qualities must be a person who can be entrusted to life. Mother believes that the daughter's vision will definitely find a Suitable for your lover, happy life.

is eighteen years old, an age of temptation. At this age, you are beautiful, kind, and simple. In the face of all kinds of temptations, you must be able to resist them. Remember not to accept the money that anyone does not get through labor except for your parents. Be a self-love, self-esteem, self-reliance, self-reliance girl.

is eighteen, a romantic age. Mom and Dad hope that the baby girl's eighteenth birthday will have a meaningful, romantic, and unforgettable life, because today is a sign of your adulthood, Mom and Dad hope that you will be happy, healthy, happy, and satisfied .. .. .. Sorrowful diary

Baby girl, no matter how old you are, how far you can go in the future, you will always be the heart and soul baby of mom and dad, also Always be the pride of Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad will always love you.. .. ..

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