What the child wants

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Title of this article: What the child wants

What the child wants

What exactly do children want?

recently had the opportunity to contact many teachers and learned the distress and confusion of many teachers in the process of communicating with them. Some teachers said:'students are defensive to teachers and never open their hearts to teachers. It is really difficult for teachers to walk into students' hearts.' Some teachers said:'Now students are really difficult to discipline.'I can't control the small movements and talk to my classmates during class. I feel really majestic.' Some teachers said:'several students always treat the teacher like an enemy. The teacher said that he went east and west, and he patiently said that he taught and was strict Criticized, but the students are still not awakened, and they really have a feeling of poor skills.'...

Perhaps most teachers will have such a cry in their hearts:' Child, what the hell do you want?'

What do children want? The answer when entering the classroom is self-evident. The classmates who raised their hands high when answering questions in class were just to let the teacher see him calling him to answer the questions. Even a few seconds of staying was also the motivation for him to raise his hand again. When answering questions, do not face the children of the class and stare at the teacher. They just want to get a feedback from the teacher, perhaps a word of praise, perhaps a positive look and smile, or a frowning and questioning expression, which will make the child feel Satisfied, because at this moment he got the teacher's attention. The other students in the class are listening carefully and they have to create a little quiet child. Although they have been criticized by the teacher, the rising corner of the mouth can not hide his smile. At this time he is satisfied, because he is the focus of the teacher and all the students. However, not every child is so lucky. Some children who raised their hands during the whole class still did not catch the teacher's gaze. Some children who turned their heads to answer the question saw only the teacher's back. Standing there tangled in sitting or not sitting. [Organized by www.DuanMeiWen.Com]

Children don't really need much. A teacher's care, one affirmation, one touch, even a look and smile are better than the eloquent preaching and the truth of Mount Tai. It is like throwing a small stone into a calm lake, evoking thousands of waves and thousands of flowers, and it can't be calm for a long time. The child who failed the exam found a teacher, he didn't want the teacher to analyze layer by layer where he did not do well and improve, he just wanted to be affirmed by the teacher, find the courage to continue working, pull her hand, pat It is enough to pat her shoulder. To give naughty children a show stage, under everyone's attention, he will only show his good side, which is much better than avoiding him, criticizing him, and'inviting' him out of the classroom.

Dear teachers, the children want very little. What they want is not the truth of your head, not the persuasion of bitterness, nor the indifference of indifference. What they want is your attention and affirmation, what you want is your smile and gaze, what you want is that you use'gentle hands' to push their hearts open. Praise the teacher's words

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