Parents Parenting experience: Avoid criticism and accusation

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This article's title: Parent Parenting Experience: Avoid Criticism and Blame

Parents'parenting experience: avoid criticism and blame

Educate children More concerted efforts need the whole family, the following study abroad net small as we organize parents parenting tips: avoid criticism and accusations, welcomed everyone to read, please pay attention to more exciting content network abroad.

** This year is 4 years old. I have also accumulated some parenting experience in the past few years. Let me talk about my parenting experience in five years from the following five aspects:

First, listen first and then come up with ideas

Child will experience a lot'Critical moments' are not as carefree as we imagined. Not only is it necessary to help the child through this time, but also to help her digest and understand the emotions of fear, anger, disappointment, embarrassment, and sadness, which is critical for parents. First, you should listen to the child more, determine her feelings, and then act as a military division, so that the child will learn to communicate with others in a difficult situation and be more autonomous.

Second, I will say'I love you' to the child once a day, and give the child a hug every day

I have agreed with my good father and I will say'I'Love you', no matter what time it is, sometimes she just wakes up, sometimes when she is going to sleep at night, sometimes it is to pick her up from school. At this time, the child will also smile to me or her father and say'I love you too'. We always think that love should be expressed by action, but in order to let the child know how to express it, we should always combine it with reality.

Third, make good use of praise and encouragement

Due to the habit of eating a meal, and eating a bite for a very long time, even eating a meal takes an hour or two Time, every time I feed, I urge her to eat faster, not slow, and then I will only praise her, and I will praise her for taking a bite. But now it has become a habit, she doesn't take it seriously, it doesn't matter. Therefore, parents must not abuse compliments. If they praise children for things they should normally do every day (such as picking up their own toys, walking, etc.), over time, the child will likely use it as an exchange for profit, or To threaten the parents' capital.

Good courage is not big enough, many times I dare not try many things. When we are at home, we rely on us to do everything for us, so we can expect everything from us. My husband and I have tried to encourage her many times. She also likes to draw pictures and cut paper at home, but she doesn't know how to hold a pen. How to draw, so I always called'Mom, you draw it for me', I took the pen in her hand, and encouraged her to say'You will definitely paint better than Mom' and listened to this sentence, and she will soon Draw well. Now she will be able to draw with the pen without problems, draw circles, triangles, and cut out the patterns one by one.

4. Avoid criticisms and accusations

Excessive criticisms and accusations are not good for children's psychological growth. Especially when someone has criticized her for something, and then blamed it on the side, I think it is very wrong, because it will hurt the child's self-esteem, which will produce rebellious psychology. At this time, she should be calmly and patiently educated, first let her judge the behavior in the story by telling the story, then compare the behavior in the story with his behavior, let her know her fault Finally, I praised her strengths and told her that although this thing was done wrong, it doesn't matter, as long as you can correct it, you are still as good as before, and it is a good boy that everyone likes. That will not only enable her to regain her self-confidence, but also recognize her own mistakes, which will definitely be corrected in the future.

Five, let the children help with the work

I usually let me do some chores that can put the tableware before the meal, pack the tableware after the meal, etc. When something is going to happen, she will let her help me with a small stool. These things may be insignificant things in the eyes of our parents, but this kind of small things can not be small in order to accompany people with good habits, as long as we pay more attention to such small things, it will make the child benefit for a lifetime .

The above is just my personal experience in parenting. I believe parents and friends must have a better parenting method than me. Of course, educating children requires the whole family to work together and educate together. At the same time, we must cooperate with kindergarten teachers to achieve homeschooling in order to enable our children to develop better in all aspects.

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