Child-rearing experience : Cultivating Children's Independence

Child-rearing experience: Cultivating children's independence

Parents are the best old children , Parents should pay attention to the details of ordinary life, a good example, with a good head. Read and study with children, create an atmosphere of reading and studying. The editors of the study abroad network have compiled an experience about parenting: nurturing children to be independent, for reference only. More articles can be found on the study abroad network.

Children's experience: Cultivating children's independence

Parents are the best teachers for children. Parents should pay attention to the details in their daily lives, set a good example, and take the lead. Read and study with your children, create an atmosphere of reading and learning, and occasionally cultivate your children's pride in learning more by studying and learning to be a knowledgeable person. Don't judge teachers and others in front of children, learn and communicate with other children's parents about their children's education methods and experiences, and be a caring and inclusive parent.

Family in today's society, the education of the only child has become a concern of people. Wangzichenglong and Wangfengcheng are the common wish of our parents in the world. As parents, we need to train our children to be independent, and have enough potential and confidence to leave us and become independent individuals in family life and social life. But how to educate children, especially how to do early childhood education has become a problem for each of our parents. The family is the child's first living environment, and the parent is the child's influence, how huge and profound. The following are some of my experiences in teaching children.

First, respect children's questions and pay attention to the cultivation of intelligence. We haven't deliberately taught her what to learn, but just seriously answered her questions when the child asked questions; teach her to recognize some words on the books she likes to read, give her some books and dishes she likes, and let herself Learn how to tell, how to tell a story, usually tell me a story once, and then let her tell me again, so that she has a deep interest in learning.

Second, respect and guide children's thoughts and cultivation. Pay attention to the moral cultivation of children, no matter what occasions, it is required not to hit, curse, or swear. Our parents are our children's first enlightenment teachers. At home, when we are with our children, we must avoid swearing and excessive behavior. When the child discovers that the parents are doing something wrong, our parents should take the initiative to admit the mistakes and guide her to be brave to admit it when she makes mistakes.

Third, pay attention to the cultivation of children's independence. In the child's growth process, education is indispensable, education is inseparable from respect, respect does not mean connivance. In normal times, to treat the child as an independent person, we must listen to the child's ideas, discuss the problem with the child, learn to think differently, what should our parents do if they encounter the same problem, Will we do like a child? We can't use our own ideas, patterns, and ways of thinking to determine what a child should do, not allowed to do anything, and we can't use parental authority to suppress the child's ideas. Let the children have their own ideas and independence, respect the independence of the children, give the children their own space, let the children learn to brush their teeth, wash their faces, dressing, etc., let the children learn to think independently, and let the children have their own potential and knowledge .

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