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Five ways to prevent pharyngitis at Christmas.
A lot of friends near Christmas are all entangled with sore throat. They may be because of excessive drinking, may be caused by fire and other factors. Here's how to prevent sore throat during Christmas.

Five ways to prevent pharyngitis at Christmas

(1): Reasonable diet

Many people's diets are unreasonable during Christmas. They are either a variety of appetizers or fried foods, and vegetables are just a simple plate. In fact, during Christmas, you should eat a reasonable diet, eat less fatty foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables. This can avoid dryness and nourish your throat.

(2): Smoking cessation

Throatitis is often caused by alcohol and tobacco during Christmas. You should know that tobacco and alcohol can irritate the throat, cause congestion and swelling of the throat mucosa, and cause various throat discomforts. So to protect your throat, you need to smoke less and drink less alcohol.

(3): Protect the mouth

We all know that the throat is the same as the main road of communication. It is the way for food to enter the stomach. Therefore, it is easy to come into contact with external bacteria and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the mouth. It is recommended that you brush your teeth sooner or later, and keep your mouth open after meals.

(4): speak less

Many people have dumb throats after Christmas. In fact, this is because all kinds of friends who haven't seen each other for a long time during Christmas get together and chat, often talking all day long. Then when you talk too much it will cause a throat problem, so if you want to avoid sore throat, talk less, especially loudly.

(5): Guarantee sleep quality

Many people stay up all night at Christmas, and staying up with diet can easily lead to fire, which will cause throat abnormalities, so you must go to bed regularly during Christmas and do not stay up all night.

In fact, the emergence of sore throat is caused by bad habits during Christmas, such as smoking and drinking or eating irregularly all night, so if you want to prevent, you must stay away from these bad habits. Only then will the throat be healthy, you Will not be bothered by the disease.

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