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Keep in mind four principles for a healthy diet at Christmas.
Many people in daily life will become extremely irregular when they reach Christmas, basically eating wherever they go. And Christmas diet is high-calorie and high-fat food, eat more to cause gastrointestinal injuries. So how should you eat for Christmas to be healthy? In fact, just keep in mind the following principles.

Keep in mind four principles for a healthy diet at Christmas

First: food is diverse

During Christmas, the balance of various vitamins should be ensured. Therefore, the diet should be diversified to ensure adequate nutrition. To reduce frying and frying, eat more fruits and vegetables, especially those who like meat but don't like vegetables.

Second: control food intake

In fact, the diet during Christmas is extremely irregular. Many people eat from late in the morning, and they eat and drink. Then this can easily lead to overeating, which leads to overeating and affects digestion. Seriously, it may also cause gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to control the amount of food during Christmas.

Third: drink less

Drinking alcohol during Christmas is naturally indispensable, but we all know that proper drinking is good for health, and over-use can hurt people. And during Christmas, you may drink more when you are happy or a toast, then this will cause damage to various organs, so pay more attention to control the amount of alcohol you drink.

Fourth: pay attention to hygiene

There are also many people at Christmas because of the uncleanness of the food, which leads to the appearance of various gastrointestinal and even poisoning. Therefore, remember that the diet must be fresh, and the food must be thoroughly cleaned and thoroughly heated. When preparing food, remember to handle raw and cooked separately to reduce food poisoning.

Faced with the temptation of various foods during Christmas, I want to say that if you want to keep your stomach and stomach harmless, you need to learn to eat and drink during Christmas. The above dietary principles are very suitable for you. Food must not only be hygienic but also diversified to ensure safe and nutritious food, and to control calories when eating, do not fall into the trap of food and overeating.

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