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Spots on women's faces are these three reasons!
It is impossible for a beautiful girl to have flaws, especially her face. However, 90% of women face the problem of spots. What causes the spots on women's faces? Many women are very confused. Why do spots still appear after so long maintenance? In fact, Xiaobian believes that you can understand how to protect the skin because you know the reason for the long spots. Then, let ’s take a look today.

Spots on women's faces are these three reasons

First: clean

Today's women face not only radiation, but also dust and cosmetics, which can cause the cat's pores to become clogged and cause pigmentation if they are not cleaned in time. Therefore, if you usually do not pay much attention to cleaning, often perfunctory, then the long spots seem to be normal. Therefore, it is best to clean your face. Since you can spend two hours applying makeup, why not squeeze out ten minutes to clean your face.

Second: cosmetics

We all know that if cosmetics are not cleaned thoroughly or inferior cosmetics will cause pigments to appear. Because inferior cosmetics tend to have a higher content of heavy metals, it can cause certain damage to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to paint less makeup and choose more regular authentic stores to choose cosmetics.

Third: diet

What is the reason for the spots on my face? May have something to do with diet. People today don't pay much attention to diet. Basically, what they want to eat is what they like. For example, they love coffee and oily foods and high-calorie foods. And these diets will not only affect the blood, but also cause melanin accumulation and various spots appear. Therefore, it is recommended that the diet is usually balanced with fruits and vegetables, and the lightest is best.

Long spots must be faced as they grow, but most people do not know how to avoid and remove them. In fact, the above three methods are the most likely to cause long spots, so you still need to pay more attention to light diet and pay attention to the cleanliness of the face, and use less heavy metal cosmetics.

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