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Four lies about drinking!
Drinking alcohol during the Spring Festival is extremely normal. Do you still believe that drinking blusher is better than drinking a thousand cups? Are you still believing that your feelings are sullen? Xiaobian reminded you to keep in mind the following types of drinking. Believe in drinking lies, believing that they will endanger your health.

Four lies about drinking

First: Drinking blush is a god of wine

In life, we often hear that drinking and blushing friends are the hidden gods of wine, one can top three. Is that really the case? In fact, blushing has nothing to do with alcohol. Some people experience alcohol and blush because they are affected by alcohol and drink very little. Friends with white faces are drinking without knowing the bottom line, and it is easy to drink too much.

Second: there must be smoke when drinking

Many friends drink alcohol and tobacco without any separation. It feels meaningless to drink without cigarettes. However, drinking and smoking is very harmful to the liver and lungs, because the nicotine in cigarettes weakens the alcohol, which is equivalent to drinking without much feeling, it is easy to drink more and more.

Third: drink in one drink

At the wine table, whether or not you have a lot of feelings depends on how much you drink. I believe that most people often hear a way of persuasion. The editor wants to say that drinking too fast is not only easy to get drunk, but also extremely hurts the body, adding to the burden on the stomach.

Fourth: Red wine keeps people

Today, many friends choose to drink red wine for health. In fact, whether it is beer or white wine or red wine during the Spring Festival, it is mainly the amount of alcohol consumed. If you say that you are drinking too much, no matter what kind of alcohol you are drinking, it will hurt you because of too much alcohol. Generally speaking, drinking alcohol intake per week, more than 140 males, 70 grams of females are easily entangled with fatty liver.

It is unavoidable to drink during the Spring Festival, and all we can do is learn to love with the old ones. Therefore, it is recommended not to believe the rumors that the drinker blushes more or the feeling is deep. In short, learn to drink rather than drink.

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