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Watch out for common causes of high blood sugar!
For people with diabetes, the level of blood sugar directly affects the condition. Some patients are often high and low, while others are high. So what is the cause of high blood sugar? If you want to control blood sugar, you will understand its roots. Let's talk about it today.

Watch out for common causes of high blood sugar

These causes lead to high blood sugar

First: diet

Is your diet reasonable? I believe that many of my friends are eating gluttonous or overeating. The diet is extremely irregular, especially at night. However, I want to say that when you often eat high fat or overeating, your blood sugar fluctuates greatly, and it will often be high. Therefore, to control blood sugar, you should eat reasonably and control your calorie intake.

Second: drugs

Why is blood sugar high? In fact, it may be a factor of drugs. It is reported that once the amount of the drug is not enough, it will directly affect the patient's control of blood sugar. You may be due to insufficient oral hypoglycemic drugs or too little insulin. Therefore, it is recommended that patients should learn more about some common sense of diabetes and take medicine as instructed by the doctor.

Third: emotions

Your mood may also affect your blood sugar. When you are in a state of anxiety for a long time, blood sugar can easily rise. Therefore, it is suggested that patients should pay more attention to adjusting their emotions, and can usually listen for more than a month or adjust their breathing to improve.

Fourth: sleep

What causes high blood sugar? In fact, it may be caused by staying up late. It is reported that friends who often stay up late often cause high fasting blood glucose. This is because staying up late inhibits insulin secretion, leading to adrenal secretion, which induces hyperglycemia, so it is recommended that patients pay more attention to adjust their sleep.

In fact, friends with high blood sugar should not worry too much. As long as they keep in mind the above reasons, they should pay more attention to exercise and adhere to blood glucose monitoring, which is conducive to the control of the disease.

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