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The Four Principles of Great Cold and Health!
Tomorrow will be the great cold and solar terms. Although it is said that the cold weather is not as cold as the small cold, the low temperature cannot be ignored. So how to maintain the great cold? In fact, we should pay more attention to life, diet, exercise and so on. Let ’s share the principles of great cold.

The Four Principles of Great Cold and Health

First: food supplement

A great cold and healthy diet is indispensable, so how do you supplement it? In fact, in the great cold, you should slowly reduce the amount of tonic. It is recommended to eat more foods that nourish the liver and nourish the spleen and stomach. The first choice is some hot foods, such as mutton and beef, and the second is to choose some tonic foods, like Zhishi and Tremella. There is also porridge to drink more porridge. Drinking porridge to maintain health is the best way.

Second: Soak your feet

In fact, many people do n’t know how to keep their feet warm in the cold, and their feet can be inadvertently invaded by the cold, especially girls who like to wear short skirts and boots, and their feet are cold, then the body will become cold, affecting Blood circulation and so on. Therefore, pay attention to the bubble foot while paying attention to wearing warmth. Foot bathing can nourish the organs of the whole body and raise the temperature of the body.

Third: exercise

Great cold health must pay more attention to exercise, I believe that the colder the more lazy is a portrayal of many people, but the cold coupled with lack of exercise, the body will become weaker, so it is recommended that you should usually dance or run more Running, doing yoga, etc.

Fourth: Heart protection

In fact, the heart is also very fragile in winter. Coupled with the busy end of the year, the heart is easily injured. Therefore, Dahan should pay attention to cultivating his heart. Usually, he can eat food that protects his heart and pay more attention not to be overworked.

Friends who want to keep in good health during the great cold season pay more attention to the above principles. In short, to keep a variety of warmth, your feet cannot be ignored. To exercise properly, but to reduce morning exercise, at least wait until the sun appears before you can exercise. Great cold health is focused on cold protection and heart protection, keeping in mind the principles can be good health care.

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