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Eat these four foods more in the cold winter
Today is the Great Cold. Many of my friends started buying ingredients in the morning to prepare for health. What does Dahan health eat? In fact, Dahan is mainly to protect the cold and liver, and here are a few of the major foods that Dahan is suitable for, and see if you are prepared.

Eat these four foods more in the cold winter

First: Iron-based foods

The severe cold weather is still cold, and many women are extremely afraid of cold. It is reported that women's fear of cold is related to the iron elements of their bodies. Generally, people who lack iron will be more afraid of cold. Therefore, the cold can eat some iron-rich foods, such as pig blood, kelp, and sesame.

Second: warm food

The main point of the great cold health is to protect the cold, so you can eat some cold foods. And warm food is just the most suitable, so you can choose to eat some lamb or chives and longan during the big cold.

Third: calcium foods

Women are not afraid of cold not only because of iron deficiency, but also have a lot to do with calcium. Therefore, you can eat some calcium-based foods during the Great Cold Season, such as milk or soy milk, and you can also eat more shrimp skins, carrots, and potatoes.

Fourth: Vitamin food

The severe cold weather is still characterized by cold, and the body's metabolism will be faster at low temperatures, so vitamin supplements must not be less. In particular, Vitamin C can make the body adapt to the cold, so you can properly eat some animal livers or pumpkin lamp foods, these are vitamin-rich foods.

Today is the Great Cold. Are you healthy? In fact, the Great Cold can start with life from diet. The above is a big part about diet and health. Friends who want to keep healthy can eat more foods containing vitamins or calcium and Iron foods, these are the essential nutrients for cold days, so take the money and go shopping after school.

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