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The corn shavings has five effects in soaking it in water.
Many people in life have eaten corn. Have you ever eaten corn shavings? In fact, many people just throw away corn shavings, and people who know it will drink corn shavings. This inconspicuous substance has great efficacy and effect in soaking water. Today, it will simply be popularized for everyone.

The corn shavings has five effects in soaking it in water

First: lowering blood pressure

Nowadays, hypertension is also a very common chronic disease. Patients need to control their blood pressure to benefit the condition. The use of corn must be soaked in water to drink it has a hypotensive effect.

Second: diuretic swelling

Corn must be soaked in water to diuretic and edema. You must know that edema is caused by the penetration of water, and corn must have a diuretic effect, which can help to expel it, thereby achieving a swelling effect. If you often wear high heel edema, then you can try corn whisker.

Third: Protect blood vessels

What effect does corn whisker have? In fact, corn whisker can also protect your blood vessels. There are many volatile oils in corn seeds, as well as substances such as malic acid and alkaloids. These substances can promote the expansion of blood vessel terminals and help relieve vascular arteriosclerosis, so they have the effect of protecting blood vessels.

Fourth: lowering blood sugar

If you have diabetes, you can try to drink it with corn whisker, it can help control blood sugar. This is because there is a saponin nutrient in corn whiskers, which can help lower blood sugar.

Fifth: clearing away heat

You will always feel upset and dry in your life, especially in the summer. So it is recommended to soak the water with corn. It can help clear the heat and relieve heat.

In fact, corn must be regarded as waste in the eyes of most people, and it has little effect. The editor wants to say that corn whisker, a substance that does not have much effect in your eyes, has the effect of lowering blood sugar and blood pressure and protecting blood vessels. Therefore, when you eat corn, you must drink it with soaking water. Its The effect is still very powerful, and it is always good to drink more.

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