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Expert doctors teach you tips for preventing new coronavirus pneumonia.
Recently, with the severe epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, coupled with various cases of mad infections on the Internet, many people have panicked and began to blindly search for ways to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia. In fact, do n’t worry about the virus raging, experts teach you how to prevent it.

Expert doctors teach you tips for preventing new coronavirus pneumonia

The first: stay away from the epidemic area

From the various case data, it can be seen that Wuhan is the epicenter of the epidemic. Among the more than 200 cases found, nearly 200 cases have been recorded in Wuhan, and the remaining cases have gone to Wuhan. Therefore, Wuhan is the epicenter of the disaster. Experts said that to prevent new coronaviruses, it is necessary to stay away from Wuhan, especially now that it is the peak period of the Spring Festival. Staying away from Wuhan can increase the risk of safety.

The second: masks

Everyone should prepare a mask to prevent infection. Experts from the National Health and Family Planning Commission said that they should wear masks to keep away from game, and pay more attention to the health of the eyes, nose, and mouth. In fact, with the emergence of the epidemic, many friends are buying medical masks, and even some masks are out of stock. I want to say that any mask can be used, remember to wear it when going out.

The third type: stay away from wild animals

According to experts, it is not yet known what kind of animal caused the infection, because it is necessary to stay away from various wild animals during the period when the epidemic is high.

The fourth type: focus on health

If you want to prevent the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, you must pay more attention to hygiene. You must know that indoor hygiene and personal hygiene will cause various viral infections. Therefore, you should pay more attention to ventilation and wash your hands frequently to avoid virus entanglement.

Fifth: Seek medical attention early

In fact, patients with new type of coronavirus pneumonia generally have symptoms such as fever and sore throat, so when you have these symptoms, you should seek medical treatment, especially friends who have symptoms after returning to Wuhan.

The outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia has attracted much attention, and friends are advised to take precautions and improve their own resistance. In addition, with the development of the epidemic, various rumors can easily appear on the Internet, so people are advised not to trust the rumors and cause panic.

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