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How to prevent gout during holidays?
When it comes to gout, many people will not believe that it will break out during the Spring Festival. In fact, all kinds of eating and drinking during the Spring Festival coupled with the factors of work and rest can easily cause gout. So you have to learn to prevent gout during the Spring Festival on the street. Do you know any tips? May I follow the editors to understand them in detail.

How to prevent gout during holidays?

First: smoke less and drink less

It is impossible to quit smoking during the Spring Festival, so if you want to prevent gout, you should smoke less and drink less alcohol. Be aware that there are also many purines in beer, which can cause blood uric acid concentrations to rise, which can cause gout. Smoking can cause a variety of harmful substances to enter the physical fitness, and some released substances can inhibit uric acid, so it is also easy to gout.

Second: proper exercise

You know, we often say that we will gain three pounds every holiday season. This is caused by the holiday diet and lack of exercise, especially diet. When you eat too much high purine food, it will increase blood uric acid, and gout will appear naturally. Therefore, you must keep going to exercise and keep your weight. You can ask friends to play or climb mountains.

Third: abstain from eating

Earlier we said that during the Spring Festival, it is easy to eat some high purine foods, such as various meats and seafood, and these are the main main causes of gout, so you should eat less of these types in your diet. The choice of food and fruit can be lemon, pomegranate or grapefruit.

Fourth: drink plenty of water

If you want to prevent gout during the Spring Festival, pay more attention to drinking water. Drinking alcohol can increase urine output and help you talk about uric acid excretion. And water can also reduce your concentration of blood, which can avoid many diseases, so it is recommended to drink plenty of water.

In fact, gout is an extremely painful disease. If you want to have a good year, you must pay more attention to the prevention of gout. As long as you stay away from the tobacco and alcohol diet, eat less high-purine food and stick to exercise.

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