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There are four ways women can improve their immunity in winter.
The recent outbreak of new-type coronary pneumonia has caused many friends with poor immunity to be worried. In fact, don't worry. As long as you increase your immunity, the virus is unlikely to find you. So how to improve immunity?

There are four ways women can improve their immunity in winter

First: Decompression

It is happy to return home during the Spring Festival, but there are also many pressures, such as various types of marriage. And stress can easily cause damage to the immune system, and the body is easily attacked by various viruses. Therefore, pay more attention to decompression during the Spring Festival.

Second: ensure sleep

In fact, at least 80% of the people who lack sleep during the Spring Festival are either staying up late or playing cards. So staying up late can easily cause endocrine disorders, and endocrine will affect immune function and make your body worse. Therefore, pay more attention to ensure good sleep during the Spring Festival.

Third: diet

Diet is one of the main ways to increase immunity. If you want to fight against various viruses, friends can choose to eat more fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and other nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables are all conducive to enhancing immune function. Of course, you can also add more new elements, this nutrient can help you prevent colds, so you can properly eat foods such as pork liver, lean meat, and soybeans and walnuts.

Fourth: proper exercise

How to increase immunity during the Spring Festival? Proper exercise. Do not always spend time during the Chinese New Year holidays while eating and drinking. Do n’t stay away from eating too much without exercise and digestion, which will cause indigestion or gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to keep exercise during the holidays, play sports, go shopping or Mountain climbing is good.

In fact, illness has a great relationship with immunity. When your immunity is strong, then no matter whether it is bacteria or virus, it will not come to your door. Once the immunity is reduced, all kinds of infectious diseases and tumors will be entangled. Therefore, in this period of high incidence of diseases, friends can try the above methods to improve it.

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