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Five common benefits of banana peel boiling water!
In life, many people like to eat bananas, especially office workers' friends often eat bananas to fight radiation. And 99% of people will throw away the banana peel. In fact, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, banana peel is also valuable. It has a lot of functions and effects for boiling water. Friends who do n’t know may follow Xiaobian in detail. Get to know it.

Five common benefits of banana peel boiling water!

What are the effects of banana peel boiling water?

First: eliminate skin itching

Itchy skin is a common skin problem, and many people will find it. However, the banana peel vegetarian food contained in banana peel can help fight bacteria and fungi and avoid breeding, so it can treat skin itching. It is recommended to choose fresh banana peel to directly boil the water or just mash it and rub it.

Second: treating hypertension

What is the effect and function of boiling water in banana peel? In fact, it is also a nemesis of hypertension. Patients can use it to prevent and treat hypertension. Just choose 50 grams of banana peel and fry it directly.

Third: prevent stroke

Strokes aren't just middle-aged and older now, and strokes among young people are no longer infrequent, especially in winter. So how to prevent stroke? You can try banana peel, boiling water with banana peel can help to dilate blood vessels, avoid blood clogging, and keep you away from stroke.

Fourth: treatment of oral ulcers

In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, banana peel is a kind of Chinese medicine with excellent effect. Put the banana peel in the pot together with the traditional Chinese medicine charcoal mother, and then add brown sugar to taste properly. Can treat oral ulcers after eating.

Fifth: prevent depression

In fact, banana peel also has the effect of preventing and treating psychological problems. You must know that 5HP in banana peel will become serotonin after cooking. This is a nutrient that can help fight depression. Therefore, you can try bananas if you have depression. Peel the water.

In fact, the banana peel is basically thrown away in daily life, but this inconspicuous substance is an absolute medicinal material in the eyes of Chinese medicine. Cooking water with banana peel will have the above effects and effects. If you have an oral ulcer or It is high blood pressure, you can try it.

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