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Three main causes of cerebral infarction!
Many people have heard of cerebral infarction, especially now many young friends are entangled in cerebral infarction. This is a cardio-cerebral vascular disease that occurs more frequently in autumn and winter. So why does it lead to the emergence of cerebral infarction? This is due to brain necrosis caused by a decrease in blood volume caused by brain lesions and the like. There are many causes of cerebral infarction in daily life, and some are still often done by most people. Let's take a simple inventory and take a look.

Three main causes of cerebral infarction!

What causes cerebral infarction in daily life!

First: tobacco and alcohol

Are you a constant tobacco and alcohol person in your daily life? In fact, tobacco and alcohol are the main culprits leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. You need to know that smoking will cause fat and cholesterol to rise, so the blood consistency will increase, and it will easily lead to the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis, and the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis will be reported by natural cerebral infarction. Drinking alcohol will cause the blood vessels to be inelastic, and the liver will be stimulated to cause arteriosclerosis, which will gradually induce cerebral infarction. Therefore, it is recommended that it is best to smoke less and drink less. It is best to quit.

Second: stay up all night

Friends who often stay up late are also prone to cerebral infarction. You should know that staying up late will cause abnormalities in the biological clock, and then some hormones will be excessively secreted, such as adrenaline. This will affect blood flow and thickening. And staying up late can cause a decline in immunity, leading to frequent illnesses. Therefore, if you want to avoid brain infarction, you should pay more attention to improving your sleep. You need to sleep at least seven hours a day.

Third: sedentary

Do you often sit for a long time? Office workers may say that sedentary is normal, and you need to sit for several hours a day. However, some data indicate that when you sit for an hour, it will cause a 14% increase in toxins in the blood vessels, and sedentary blood circulation will be blocked, and metabolism in the blood vessels will not be discharged. Vascular disease will directly erupt. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce sedentary time and exercise more to regulate blood circulation.

The above are the main causes of cerebral infarction in daily life. I would like to talk about the above habits, I believe most people often do it, and many people still stay up all night and even have tobacco and alcohol. Those friends who want to reduce their disease are better off staying away from these habits.

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