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Four common myths about calcium supplements!
We all know that once we get older, our bodies will be much worse than before, and calcium will slowly pass away. Therefore, calcium supplementation has become the first of many middle-aged and elderly people. However, calcium supplementation is also a science. Many friends in life have entered the misunderstanding of calcium supplementation, leading to not only the lack of calcium supplementation but the emergence of diseases. The following is a brief introduction to common calcium supplement misunderstandings, and see if you win.

Four common myths about calcium supplements!

Do you often do these calcium supplement misunderstandings?

First: Vegetables have no calcium effect

Many friends do not choose to eat vegetables when dietary calcium supplementation, because they think that vegetables do not have the effect of calcium supplementation. In fact, although vegetables do not have calcium, the cellulose and vitamins they contain can help calcium supplementation, and the potassium element it contains can reduce calcium loss.

Second: bone soup calcium

In fact, many people think that what can be supplemented by eating, so many friends who supplement calcium are eating bone soup to prevent osteoporosis. However, the bone soup does not have the effect of calcium supplementation. You must know that the calcium in the bone is difficult to dissolve, so there is not much calcium in the soup.

Third: The more calcium supplements, the better

How much do you think calcium supplements are more suitable? In fact, most people think that the more you add, the better. However, too much calcium will affect the body's hand washing for other nutrients. It can easily lead to hypercalcemia or kidney stones. It is recommended to follow the dietary guidelines, as long as 80 to 100 mg of calcium per day.

Fourth: Sun through the window

Many friends know that sunlight can help calcium supplementation, so many friends will go to the sun, but some people are afraid of ultraviolet rays, so they will bask in the sun through the window. However, this has no effect. The window blocks ultraviolet rays, which can convert nutrients in the body into vitamins, which has the effect of adding calcium.

In fact, there are many ways to add calcium in daily life, but keep in mind the above calcium supplement misunderstandings, these misunderstandings will affect the body's absorption of calcium.

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