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Four main reasons for daily angina!
Many friends in life always feel heartache suddenly, in fact, this is angina puppet. Angina is a common heart disease. Do you know what causes angina? In fact, there are a lot of factors, so let's simply take everyone to see it.

Four main reasons for daily angina!

These causes lead to angina!

First: tired

In fact, overwork is also the main cause of angina, because when you are overworked for a long time, the operation of the heart is overloaded and it is easy to induce angina. When you are overworked, it will cause your heartbeat to speed up. This is an increase in the burden on the heart, which will cause pain. Friends who are in this situation can avoid it by paying more attention to rest.

Second: diet

Angina pectoris is also related to diet, knowing that the stomach will help digestion after eating. When you eat too much, it will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and then the load on the heart will increase, leading to insufficient blood supply and the occurrence of angina.

Third: drink too little water

Angina pectoris is also related to blood concentration. When the blood concentration is too high, angina pectoris will appear. And drinking water directly affects the blood concentration, so when you drink too little blood, the blood concentration will rise, then the blood circulation will be blocked, the burden on the heart will increase, and eventually angina will appear.

Fourth: Arrhythmia

In fact, angina pectoris is also related to arrhythmia. You must know that people with arrhythmia will have coronary spasm and blood vessels blocked. Then this will lead to a decrease in blood output and angina. Angina pectoris caused by the disease is paroxysmal, and the time is between three minutes and five minutes.

Angina pectoris is a relatively dangerous disease, so it is best to prevent it in normal times. And if you want to prevent it, you must first understand the causes of angina. The above are the common main diets, especially the most common diets and overwork. It is recommended to stay away.

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