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Three reasons why women easily lose hair!
In life, we often hear a lot of friends complaining about hair loss. It seems that both men and women have the trouble of losing hair. So why does it lose hair? In fact, there are reasons for women's hair loss. It may be insufficient nutrition, or it may be too stressful, or there may be a wrong way to wash your hair. These are the roots of hair loss. Let ’s talk about it today.

Three reasons why women easily lose hair!

Reasons why women often lose hair!

First: Stress

In today's society, women's stress is also quite high. There are many women who are not only responsible for housework, but also face the pressure of work. Then when a woman is overstressed, hormones will change, which will directly affect the secretion of estrogen. If the hormone secretion decreases, it will be easy to lose hair. Therefore, it is recommended that stressful friends should learn to decompress themselves. For example, communication or outdoor sports and listening to music are good methods.

Second: insufficient nutrition

Why do you lose hair? Look at your diet. If you often have partial eclipse, your body may cause inadequate nutrition intake and cause abnormalities. In general, insufficient protein and mineral intake can easily lead to hair loss. Therefore, it is recommended that when you lose hair due to insufficient nutrition, you should eat more of this type of nutritious food, such as eggs or fish and meat.

Third: shampoo

Washing your hair is a common behavior, but do you wash your hair? You should know that improper shampooing can also cause hair loss. Daily shampooing will reduce the protective film of the scalp, and the wrong choice of shampoo will affect the health of the hair, such as shampoos containing a lot of silicon and surfactants. Therefore, we must learn to wash your hair. It is recommended to wash your hair two or three times a week. You should choose a shampoo carefully, and it is best to nourish.

Hair loss is a common occurrence in life, but want to know why you lose hair? Look at the above reasons and you can find out what caused your hair loss.

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