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What should women pay attention to when eating red dates?
In normal times, many women are suitable to eat red dates to maintain health, because it can nourish the blood and lungs, but also beauty skin care and soothe the effect. However, although women have many benefits to eat red dates, they must also learn to eat them. Jujube is also taboo. If you eat it wrong, it will hurt you. Today, I will simply take everyone to understand it in detail.

What should women pay attention to when eating red dates?

Taboos of women eating red dates!

First: taboo eating

Many friends eat non-stop as soon as they eat red dates, especially during the drama. But don't eat more red dates. Chinese medicine has recorded that eating more can cause cold and heat, so it is recommended to eat red dates appropriately. There is also bloating or phlegm dampness and loss of appetite for friends with diabetes are not suitable for consumption.

Second: eat red dates alone

Most people know that eating red dates has the effect of replenishing blood, so they will simmer when they are fine. However, the effect of eating red dates and supplementing blood alone is very small, and Ha Hui causes flatulence and diarrhea. If you want red dates and blood, you must match some foods, such as longan or raisins.

Third: do not mix cucumber and radish

Many people will choose red date and radish soup. In fact, red dates are not suitable for eating with cucumber and radish. Because cucumbers have vitamin decomposing enzymes, while radishes have pyrolase, these two substances will cause the vitamins of red dates to be destroyed, leading to loss of nutrients. Therefore, they are not suitable for eating with red dates.

Fourth: prohibit boiling

How can red dates be nutritious? Most people choose to boil. However, when jujube is boiled, vitamin C can be easily destroyed, affecting its nutrition. Therefore it is recommended not to boil, you can choose to eat raw.

In fact, red dates can be said to be a necessary food for women's health. You can eat red dates when you are anaemic, red dates when you are skin-care, and red dates when you are moisturizing your lungs. But keep in mind the taboos of eating red dates, do not eat alone, do not eat more, and do not eat with cucumber and radish. Keep these taboos in mind to eat healthy and nutritious.

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