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If women often feel hand numbness, beware of these three diseases!
Many people often say hand numbness in life, some people are caused by immobility for a long time, and some are caused by diseases. What causes regular hand tingling? Some of the following diseases may be causing trouble, so be alert. Now simply check the inventory.

If women often feel hand numbness, beware of these three diseases!

The first: cervical and lumbar diseases

In fact, your hand numbness may be caused by cervical and lumbar spine diseases, because abnormalities in the cervical vertebra or lumbar vertebra will cause the neck nerve to be compressed and cause the symptoms of hand numbness. So when you have hand numbness, there may be a problem with the neck and waist. In fact, cervical spondylosis is a common problem among many office workers. It is recommended to improve the sitting posture and exercise properly. Do not always play with your mobile phone when you are okay at home. You can properly massage and reduce the occurrence of hand numbness.

The second: diabetes

Diabetic patients often have hand numbness in normal times, because patients' blood sugar will be high, and high blood sugar can easily cause blood vessel and nerve injury. Then when neuroinflammation occurs, there will be numbness at the extremities. If it is due to hand numbness caused by diabetes, then it is recommended that patients control blood sugar, take more active check-ups, and exercise properly to control diet in normal times.

The third type: hyperlipidemia

Patients with hyperlipidemia are also prone to hand numbness, because patients' blood lipids will be high, which will affect the thickening of the blood and the speed of circulation. When the blood circulation slows down, the supply of blood oxygen will be insufficient, and the limbs will be easily paralyzed. Therefore, when you have hand numbness, and you are also accompanied by dizziness and headache, then it is recommended to do a good job. It is best to eat low salt and low fat in the usual diet.

In fact, the appearance of hand numbness is ignored by many people, but the editor reminded that it is most likely caused by these three diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to pay more attention to adjusting your sitting position in normal times, and to quit all kinds of cigarettes and wines, and eat less fat and salt in the diet. In short, he felt numb and suggested to find out the reason and then confront the treatment.

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