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Go to the hospital during the epidemic to take these protective measures!
Recently, a new type of pneumonia has been infected, so many people are afraid to go out at home. Especially after hearing about being infected when going out, they are even more afraid to go out. But people always get sick, how to protect themselves when they go to the hospital when they are sick? In fact, as long as you do the following things at the hospital during a new pneumonia epidemic, the virus will not find you.

Go to the hospital during the epidemic to take these protective measures!

Go out to the hospital to do these measures!

First: fewer hospital outpatients

During the epidemic, do not choose a special pneumonia treatment hospital or a hospital where suspected patients live. These hospitals are undoubtedly at the greatest risk of infection. Therefore, when you really need to go to the hospital when you are sick, you can choose some hospitals with fewer outpatient clinics. This will not only reduce cross infection but also treat the disease. Go to the hospital and especially go to the hot clinic. We all know that the symptoms of new pneumonia are fever and cough, so stay away from the hot clinic.

Second: make an appointment

When you are sick, try to reduce the time you stay in the hospital as much as possible, so some things can be done online, such as an appointment number expert. When the time is up, go to the doctor directly to avoid having to run after the hospital. The longer the hospital stays, the more likely it is to become infected. Therefore, go to the online registration first to see a doctor for treatment at the agreed time.

Third: wear a good mask

We all know that hospitals are the easiest place to cause infections. Some people go to the hospital to get a medicine and they cause the infection. So you must wear a mask. The mask is a preventive item to help the saliva infection of the virus, so you can't take it off in any situation in the hospital. Xiao Bian suggested that some medical grade masks may be uncomfortable, so you can wear N95 to see a doctor.

The above are good protective measures when going to the hospital. I want to say that when the hospital comes back, you should absorb them in time and completely change your clothes. There is a chance of infection.

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