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Three habits lead to women's faces turning yellow!
Many female friends will be labeled as yellow-faced women after they get married, because they do not pay attention to skin care, and even some bad habits cause yellowing of the skin. Then do you know why Huanglian Po looks for you? This may be caused by your daily bad habits. Today, I will take everyone to simply look at what causes your face to turn yellow. These reasons may be you often do.

Three habits lead to women's faces turning yellow!

These habits lead to Huanglian Po!

First: makeup

Nowadays, women's skills are essential for makeup, but we all know that cosmetics have a lot of chemicals. When you apply it on your face every day, your skin will breathe abnormally. In addition, many women suspect that makeup has been abandoned for too long. Basically, they only remove their makeup once every three or four days. Then when you face abnormal breathing for a long time, it will affect the skin. There are also many women who are extremely casual in removing makeup, basically just rubbing it. As everyone knows, some makeup ingredients directly block the pores, then dark yellow acne will appear. So learn to make up and remove makeup.

Second: stay up all night

Why did you become a yellow face woman? It has something to do with staying up late. Many women work or do housework during the day and have time to rest and play at night, so many friends often sleep at two or three in the morning, which will cause the skin to become dull and yellow. Therefore, if you want to stay away from dark yellow skin, you need to pay more attention to adjusting your schedule, and change the bad habit of staying up late. Sleeping before eleven is the best choice.

Third: lack of exercise

Many women do not exercise enough, which causes more toxins to build up in the body. When the toxins cannot be eliminated, they will come to the skin, especially friends who often face computer radiation. Therefore, it is recommended to usually develop the habit of exercise, and toxins are excreted from the body through exercise.

In fact, yellowing is a common condition for most women. Most people are caused by lack of maintenance. Of course, it may also be caused by the above factors, especially staying up late or lack of exercise is the most common. If you want good skin, stay away from them.

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