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If I have diabetes, can I eat tofu? How to eat tofu is the healthy way?
We all know how important a diabetic person's diet choice is, and choosing the wrong food can lead to high blood sugar. How to eat diabetes? Many people recommend eating tofu. Can diabetes eat tofu? How to eat tofu to be healthy? Friends of sugar can follow the editor to understand and understand, to know that the nutritional value of tofu is still very much, many nutrients need to ask.

If I have diabetes, can I eat tofu? How to eat tofu is the healthy way?

Can people with diabetes eat tofu?

For people with diabetes, as long as the food does not affect the blood sugar fluctuations, it is basically edible. Does tofu affect it? In fact, people with diabetes can eat tofu. You know that tofu has a lot of protein and minerals, such as calcium, iron and phosphorus. These nutrients are needed by the human body, and the coldness of sugar is very low, which will not affect the glycemic index, so it is very suitable for diabetes.

Although tofu is said to have no effect on lowering blood sugar, it can make your blood sugar more stable with some foods.

People with diabetes eat tofu like this

First: vegetable matching

Know that people with diabetes not only need to consume soy products, but also need to eat more vegetables. Vegetables also contain the nutrients that patients need, such as cellulose and vitamins. Therefore, tofu with vegetables can make the nutrition more comprehensive, so that your blood sugar will not fluctuate too much.

Second: milk mix

For diabetics, protein supplementation is necessary, while tofu is a plant-based protein, and milk is an animal-based protein, which can help sugar buddies to add higher-quality protein, which is good for controlling the disease.

Third: miscellaneous grains

Tangyou can also eat tofu with coarse grains. You must know that the glycemic index of 100-meter noodles is a bit high, so you can use miscellaneous grains in the selection of staple foods, which can control blood sugar together with tofu.

Can people with diabetes eat tofu? I believe everyone knows that this is edible. However, it is recommended to eat tofu with milk or vegetables and miscellaneous grains, which is more conducive to the stability of blood sugar.

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