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Four diet principles for AIDS patients!
Many diseases in life are scary, especially AIDS. I believe everyone has heard of AIDS, but AIDS has its own way of transmission, so it will not cause infection after exposure. There are many AIDS patients around us, do you know how AIDS patients eat? In fact, AIDS patients also have dietary principles, so let's simply understand them.

Four diet principles for AIDS patients!

First: The two high diet principles

How to eat on the diet? In fact, we must keep in mind the two high principles. The first is a high-energy diet, and the second is a high-protein diet. You need to know that AIDS patients consume more protein, so eat more high-protein foods, such as fish and shrimp or cuttlefish chicken and egg tofu.

Second: Vitamin supplements

AIDS patients should pay more attention to the intake of some vitamins and minerals in their dietary intake, and eat less high-fat and sweet foods. Therefore, you can usually eat more kale, pumpkin, sentences, pine nuts, pistachios, oysters, and spinach. In fact, fruits and vegetables can help people with HIV to increase their resistance, so it is recommended to eat more.

Third: Eat on time

For AIDS patients, regular meals are particularly important. They think that the virus and the treatment drugs will cause nausea and vomiting. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a regular diet.

Fourth: stay away from irritating food

How do AIDS patients eat? Stay away from spicy foods. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, AIDS is a hot, humid, and poisonous food. Therefore, you should not eat spicy food. For example, beef and mutton, as well as peppers and fried foods, these foods cause heat, so they are not suitable.

AIDS is a disease that everyone is afraid of, but we should not discriminate against AIDS patients and give encouragement. For AIDS patients, it is necessary to take active treatments, and pay attention to the above dietary principles while taking medications, especially forbidden foods. You can't eat them no matter how sick.

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