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If you like to eat ginger, please pay attention to these four taboos!
Many friends in life like to eat ginger, because it can improve blood, fight fatigue and protect hair. However, eating ginger is also taboo. If you eat it wrong, it will hurt your body. So everyone who loves ginger comes to understand the taboos of eating ginger.

If you like to eat ginger, please pay attention to these four taboos!

Eat ginger away from these taboos!

First: don't eat too much

In fact, many friends have heard that ginger has a lot of benefits, so they will always eat. But ginger is not suitable for excess. Once overdose will cause dry mouth and heartburn, so ginger should be eaten properly.

Second: Do not eat sprouted ginger

Everyone has ginger at home, but remember to stop eating it once it has sprouted. Because the nutrients will be slowly absorbed by the roots after the germination of ginger, which will lead to a decrease in impact.

Third: Do not eat moldy

In fact, it is extremely common for ginger to be moldy and rotten, but remember to not eat ginger that is moldy and rotten. Because the ginger in these parts has been damaged, and the rotten location may breed bacteria, once it is consumed, it may cause liver cancer or esophageal cancer.

Fourth: two people can't eat

Not everyone can eat ginger. Everyone's constitution is different, and their diseases are also different. If you are a person with yin deficiency, then it is recommended not to eat it, because ginger is Xin Wen, and yin deficiency is hot, once consumed it may increase yin deficiency. It will make your hands and feet feel hotter and will affect your sleep. Also, friends with hepatitis should not eat it, because ginger contains gingerol and safrole. These two kinds of nutrition can cause abnormal liver cells in patients with liver disease, either degeneration or necrosis, so these two people are best not to eat ginger.

In fact, ginger is a common condiment, and it can be seen at almost every meal, but the editor reminds that although ginger has many effects, you must keep in mind the taboos of ginger, so that you can eat happily, especially if it is hepatitis Is yin deficiency, eat less or do not eat.

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