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Three symptoms of a woman's lung disease!
The lungs are the most important organs of the respiratory system. Once problems occur in the lungs, metabolism and detoxification will be affected. Therefore, nourishing the lungs and protecting the lungs is extremely important. In fact, when the lungs are not good, the body will send out signals. You can usually see the health of the lungs from these signals. Then simply go and talk today.

Three symptoms of a woman's lung disease!

Common sign of poor lung!

First: dull skin

Many people do not know what the relationship between the lungs and the skin is, in fact, the health of the lungs can help skin beauty. Because when the lungs get a lot of oxygen, the oxygen content in the blood will increase greatly. Then the skin can be better nourished and make the skin healthier. Therefore, friends who want skin care should pay more attention to raising lungs.

Second: chest pain

Friends with poor lungs often experience faint pain in the chest. Because the work of the lungs is interrupted, it can cause chest pain. Therefore, don't neglect chest pain, it may be the lungs or the heart, etc. It is best to find out the cause in the treatment.

Third: nasal congestion

People with poor lungs often have nasal congestion, because the lungs are connected to the nasal cavity only by the respiratory tract, and the air is filtered through the nasal cavity before entering the lungs. Insufficient filtration will cause too much cold to enter the lungs, causing abnormalities in the lungs and the occurrence of nasal congestion.

Bad lungs generally have the above main signals. If you usually have nasal congestion, chest pain or dark skin for no reason, you should consider the lungs more. These may be caused by poor lungs. In fact, the quality of the lungs directly threatens the health of the body, so you should pay more attention to raising your lungs in general. Xiaobian suggests that you can usually laugh more often or practice deep breathing exercises, which can help the airway to clear and effectively clear the lungs. Of course, we can also raise lungs through exercise and diet therapy, especially the lotus seeds in the food, as well as lotus root and honey, etc. Usually, eating more is good for lung health.

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