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Eat more lotus root carrots in the spring diet is good for your health!
It is currently spring, so in order to adapt to the changes in the weather, you must do good diet and health care. Because many nutrients can only be taken from food, candidates are particularly important for food at this time. So what should be eaten in the spring diet? Here are some foods that are suitable for spring. Those who want to take care of their body, please take a closer look.

Eat more lotus root carrots in the spring diet is good for your health!

What should I eat in the spring diet?

Food 1, carrots

Carrot species are rich in carotene, but also contain many other vitamins, which are essential elements of the human body. When carotene is ingested into the human body, it will be converted into vitamin A when it enters the small intestine. This vitamin is good for human skin and makes your skin very moisturized. At the same time, it also has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, so in the spring, eat more carrots.

Food 2, lotus root

Lotus root is an aquatic vegetable, and eating it has the effect of clearing heat and removing annoyance. In spring, women tend to get angry and get irritable. Eating lotus root can help improve the problem. In addition, there are many ways to eat lotus root, and different ways of eating have different benefits to the body. For example, if eaten raw, it is very suitable for people who have acne because of blood heat, which helps eliminate acne. For example, when cooked, it can nourish the stomach and nourish yin, and nourish blood and nourish qi. Eat it often and your skin will look shiny.

Food 3, honey

Although the temperature was higher in spring than in winter and even started to warm up, it was not. At this time, the weather is erratic, cold and hot, and it is easy to be caught by a cold virus and catch an epidemic cold. In addition, there is a lot of pollen in spring, and many rhinitis patients are prone to seizures. People with skin allergies will also suffer from pruritus due to pollen. In this regard, it is recommended to eat honey to help increase immunity and resistance, thereby reducing the risk of disease. After getting up in the morning, you can boil a cup of boiling water. After warming, add one or two spoons of honey, mix thoroughly and drink on an empty stomach, which can remove toxins from the body.

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