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The efficacy and contraindication of black wolfberry soaked in water!
Many people in life start to pay attention to health care, many people will drink some medicine to keep in good health, wolfberry is the most common. So have you tried black wolfberry soaking water? Black wolfberry is also a common food and medicinal material. What are the effects and contraindications of black wolfberry soaking in water? Today I will take everyone to understand it in detail.

The efficacy and contraindication of black wolfberry soaked in water!

The effect of black wolfberry soaking in water:

First: anti-wrinkle and anti-aging

Black wolfberry is a great weapon against aging. You must know that black wolfberry contains anthocyanins, which can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and help to eliminate free radicals. We all know that free radicals are even younger. . So friends who want to fight aging and stay away from wrinkles can eat black wolfberry appropriately.

Second: sun protection

Many people don't pay attention to the work of sun protection. If you are averse to sun umbrellas or sun cream, you can drink it with black medlar soaked in water. You need to know that anthocyanins can help block ultraviolet rays from harming the skin, greatly improving the effect of skin care.

Third: protect the eyes

Lycium barbarum has a clear effect that everyone knows, because the anthocyanins in black wolfberry can help regenerate the cellular material of the retina, which leads to the enhancement of vision.

Fourth: prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

What are the effects of black wolfberry water? In fact, it can help protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Because it contains nutrients that are the nemesis of arteriosclerosis, it can help the blood to promote circulation and accelerate the elasticity of blood vessels. In this way, vascular damage can be greatly reduced.

Taboos of black wolfberry soaked in water:

First: Don't overdo it

Black wolfberry can be used not only as a health-care ingredient but also as a medicinal ingredient, so proper use is effective. But we all know that we can't overdo everything, because black wolfberry is not suitable for eating in a day. Overdose may cause eye swelling or eye pain and blurred vision. Therefore, it is necessary to control the amount. Generally speaking, it is best not to exceed 30 grams.

Second: Prohibition of taking for a long time

In fact, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, black wolfberry as a medicinal material requires at least one month to be effective in treating and eating. However, if you want to keep healthy with wolfberry in daily life, you must not take it for a long time. Generally, three months is a cycle. , Once the black medlar soaks water for three months, then it is recommended to stop and wait for three months after taking it.

Third: Unsuitable people

Not all people can eat black wolfberry, and people with a thermal constitution and people with inflammation and diarrhea or allergies are not suitable to eat wolfberry. Because black wolfberry also has allergic substances, black wolfberry is not suitable for tonic people, and black wolfberry is a warm food, because people with hot constitution are not suitable.

The above is about the efficacy and contraindications of black wolfberry soaking water. I would like to say that the health effects of black wolfberry are good, but we should pay more attention to the taboos.

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