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Four ways to help you stay away from thick blood!
The blood is invisible and invisible, because most people don't know if the blood is sticky. In fact, with the increase of age and dietary factors, more and more people with thick blood. Once the blood is sticky, it can easily lead to the occurrence of blood clots, so friends must do a good job of preventing blood stickiness. Let ’s briefly introduce some prevention methods.

Four ways to help you stay away from thick blood!

[Prevention of thick blood]

First: sit for a long time

Sedentary is a habit of many people, especially office workers. But do you know? When you sit for 60 minutes, the risk of venous thrombosis increases by 10%. This is because blood circulation in the lower limbs is impeded during sedentary conditions, which leads to abnormal blood circulation and the blood is naturally thick. If you want to prevent it, you should reduce sedentary and proper movements.

Second: diet

Some people's eating patterns happen to be factors that cause thick blood, such as the effects of high calories and fats, which cause the blood to thicken slowly. Therefore, if you want to prevent it, you should stay away from these habits in your diet and eat more fruits and vegetables and coarse grains.

Third: smoke less and drink

The thickness of blood is also related to tobacco and alcohol. When you often drink alcohol, it will lead to excessive amounts of fat and cholesterol, and alcohol in the blood, then these will cause thick blood. Therefore, if you want to improve the blood condition and ensure that the blood circulation is unobstructed, it is a good way to smoke less and drink less alcohol. It is most reliable to quit all.

Fourth: stay up late

How to prevent thick blood? Minimize unnecessary nights. When you stay up late, it will cause abnormal blood, and the blood flow will slow down. In addition, the metabolism of organs will be reduced at night, and the vascular waste will not be eliminated in time. It can easily cause thick blood.

The blood circulation is a more important system of the body, and the consistency of the blood is the focus of the system. Therefore, if you want to avoid the thick blood, it is recommended to do the above. Unblocked.

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