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Is the urine particularly yellow because of the fire or because of illness?
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, you can see the health of your body from the urine. Many people find that their urine is particularly yellow, and most people think it is caused by the fire. In fact, there are a lot of reasons, so why is the urine very yellow? Today I will take a detailed look at everyone.

Is the urine particularly yellow because of the fire or because of illness?

[Causes of yellow urine]

First: liver disease

Urine yellow may be due to liver and kidney problems. You should know that urinary yellow is mainly bilirubinuria and urobilinogen. When liver damage occurs, the absorption of urobilinogen is accelerated, resulting in yellowing of the urine.

Second: urinary tract infection

Why is urine yellow? In fact, there may be an infection in the urinary tract. Generally, once an infection occurs in the urinary tract, symptoms of urgency and frequent urination and yellowing of urine will come to your door, and even a urinary sensation will appear.

Third: Drugs

In fact, yellowing of urine is not a disease, it may be caused by the medicines you take. When you take riboflavin in your medication, your urine will turn yellow.

Fourth: get angry

If the urine is particularly yellow, it may be that the body is too angry. Many people's diets cause an imbalance between the yin and yang of the body, which induces the emergence of anger. The anger often causes the urine to become yellow. If it is inflamed, It will also be accompanied by gum swelling or toothache.

Fifth: high pressure

What causes yellow urine? It is also related to your own stress. Stressful friends often have a tense mentality, so excessive stress will cause a lot of toxins to appear, which will lead to yellow urine.

In fact, why is the urine particularly yellow? Generally, there are several reasons above, so it is recommended to pay more attention to improvement. If it is said to be caused by diet, then change the bad eating habits and eat more fruits and vegetables. If it is a factor of stress, then do a good job of decompression in a timely manner. If it is a kidney or urinary tract infection, it should be treated in time.

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