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The three most effective ways to alleviate the stiff neck!
Many friends in life will feel sore neck discomfort when they get up in the morning. In fact, this is a typical fall. What can I do if I fall into a pillow? In fact, pillow fall is also a common disease. Try the following methods to ease your neck.

The three most effective ways to alleviate the stiff neck!

first: massage

In fact, massage after the pillow is the most effective, it is recommended to gently press the neck first, use the thumb on the painful position to start the massage to the shoulder and back, pay more attention during the massage, once the soreness shows that the intensity can be, It works.

second: hot compress

In fact, most of the friends who drop pillows are suffering from blood blockage and pain caused by disease or stiff neck. Therefore, if you want to relieve the pain, you can reduce the pain by promoting blood circulation. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a hot compress method. Use a towel to put it in hot water, remove it and wring it dry, and apply it directly on the neck. When the blood is unblocked, the pain will naturally disappear.

third: doing stretching exercises

What is the most effective way to fall asleep? Try some exercises to ease it. For example, swing your head back and forth and turn your neck as much as possible to relieve pain. You can also turn your head from side to side. In fact, this method is the most obvious cause of pain, and it also has the best relief. Therefore, it is recommended that you can slowly turn left and right.

[How to prevent falling pillows?]

First: suitable pillows

Many pillow friends are caused by the unsuitability of the pillow, so they must choose a suitable pillow. Generally, the height of the pillow is between 10cm and 15cm, and the width should preferably be the same as the shoulder width. Conditionally, you can add some medicinal materials to promote blood circulation in the pillow, such as angelica or licorice and so on.

Second: keep warm

Why do pillows appear? It is also related to the cold of the neck. When sleeping, the neck is invaded by cold, and the direct blow of the fan will induce the emergence of falling pillows, so keep warm.

Third: Don't sleep on your stomach

In fact, whether it is nap or sleep at night, the dangers of sleeping on your stomach are great, and falling down is one of them. Therefore, you should adjust your posture in time, do not sleep on your back or sleep on your side.

Fourth: do exercise

The reason that many office workers are prone to falling pillows is because of long-term work leading to stiff necks, so they should exercise appropriately. Sometimes a deep lift and a stretch can alleviate cervical abnormalities.

In fact, what is the most effective way to sleep? Try the above method. Of course, friends who don't want to be surrounded by pillows should pay more attention to doing these things to prevent them.

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