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What are the effects of honeysuckle?
Many friends in life will choose honeysuckle for health care, which is a common Chinese herbal medicine. Then do you know the efficacy and role of honeysuckle? In fact, honeysuckle can help fight poison, reduce inflammation, and so on. Let's follow the specific editor to understand it.

What are the effects of honeysuckle?

[What is the effect of honeysuckle?]

First: anti-virus

According to experts, Golden Sakura has inhibitory effects on some viruses, such as Staphylococcus aureus or Diplococcus pneumoniae and influenza virus. So many people drink honeysuckle to prevent colds.

Second: Anti-inflammatory

If there is inflammation in the body, you can try honeysuckle, because honeysuckle can help the release of adrenal cortex hormones, which can effectively suppress inflammation and help you reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Third: Go to Fire

The fire is a problem that most people will have. How to get rid of it? Honeysuckle can clear the heat and go to the summer. It is very suitable for eating in summer when it is hot and dry. It is recommended to drink it directly or drink soup.

Fourth: improve immunity

What else is honeysuckle? In fact, it can also improve immunity, because the nutrients it contains can promote the transformation of lymphocytes, improve the phagocytosis of white blood cells, and make their own immunity stronger.

Fifth: lowering blood lipids

Friends with high blood lipids can also order honeysuckle, because drinking honeysuckle regularly can help the intestinal tract reduce the absorption of cholesterol and improve the cholesterol content in the blood, so it can help lower blood lipids.

In fact, honeysuckle also has a lot of effects and functions, it can also cool the eyesight and improve the sore throat and prevent the emergence of bad breath. In fact, most people in gold and silver can only drink water directly. I want to say that the proper combination of some materials will be better. For example, honeysuckle can be used directly with mint to help prevent the symptoms of wind-heat infections and relieve sore throats. With wolfberry can moisturize and clear heat; with chrysanthemum can relieve heat and detoxify and so on. So usually eat more honeysuckle.

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