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Be alert for the common symptoms of bronchitis in spring!
We all know that spring is an outbreak of various respiratory diseases, such as flu, asthma and bronchitis. And most people do not know the symptoms of bronchitis very much, so often delay the conditioning. Then let's take a detailed look at the physical signals about bronchitis in order to prevent and treat in time.

Be alert for the common symptoms of bronchitis in spring!

First: cough

If you say that you are coughing all day, and coughing during the day is relatively mild, but coughing is more severe in the morning and evening. Then this may be the door to chronic bronchitis. This is caused by the bronchial mucosa being congested or in water.

Second: shortness of breath

Because the early symptoms of bronchitis are not obvious, shortness of breath occurs to varying degrees when the disease causes emphysema.

Third: Sputum

Patients with chronic bronchitis are accompanied by sputum when they cough. This is especially noticeable in the morning, but it is extremely uncomfortable because the sputum is too thick to cause a cough.

First: upper respiratory symptoms

For patients with acute bronchitis, the most common symptoms are similar to respiratory infections in the early stages, such as common nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat and hoarseness.

Second: systemic symptoms

Patients with acute chronic bronchitis may also experience low fever, fatigue, chills, and pain behind the sternum.

Third: cough

Acute patients also have a more obvious cough sooner or later, but acute cough is paroxysmal or persistent. When coughing, chest or vomiting will occur, and the cough will significantly increase after cold.

Bronchitis is divided into chronic and acute, so friends can be judged whether they belong to chronic or acute bronchitis based on their own symptoms when they are affected by the disease. Of course, if you want to prevent and control early, you must first understand the symptoms of bronchitis. Have you mastered the above symptoms? The high incidence season has arrived.

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