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How to distinguish the front and back of a mask?
As the trend of returning to work increases, more and more people wear masks to work. Then do you distinguish between the front and the back of a mask? Many friends are doing the same thing about colleagues wearing the wrong mask. Today I will teach you how to distinguish between the front and the back of the mask. Wearing the mask incorrectly has no protective effect at all.

How to distinguish the front and back of a mask?

First: metal bars

Medical masks are more common in daily life. I believe Jiucheng is a medical mask during the epidemic. How can you distinguish it? In fact, it can be distinguished according to your metal strip. The prominent side of metal paint belongs to the outside, and there is no The protruding side is the inner side.

Second: crease

Every mask has obvious creases, so you can distinguish them by creases. Generally speaking, the crease that goes up belongs to the inner side, while the crease that goes down belongs to the outside. If you really do n’t understand, you can try to observe the blinds and understand.

Third: thread head

How to distinguish the front and back of a mask? You can start from the thread. Each of the mouthpieces has a cable head, and the side with the cable head belongs to the outside, but belongs to the inside.

Fourth type: color

In fact, there are many types of masks in the market, but for medical masks, it is blue, white or red. How should these masks be distinguished? In fact, these darker colors are basically outer ones, and the colors Whiter or lighter white is the inner side.

The above is the method of distinguishing the front and back of several masks. I want to say that masks are mainly to prevent the attack of viruses and bacteria. Once wearing the wrong mask, it may cause the growth of bacteria, and it has no protective effect on the new crown pneumonia virus. Wearing the wrong mask is the same as going out without a mask, it is easy to get infected. Therefore, friends who always wear the wrong masks may wish to learn the above tricks. These techniques can help you distinguish between the front and back, so that you really play the role of masks instead of wasting masks.

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