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Reasons for nosebleeds in spring and how to prevent them!
Nosebleeds often occur in our lives, especially in spring. Then do you know why nosebleeds are easy in spring? How should we prevent it? Friends may take these two questions and follow the editor to learn more about it.

Reasons for nosebleeds in spring and how to prevent them!></CENTER>

<Cause of nosebleeds in spring!>
First: hot
Although spring is the recovery of all things, after the early spring it was out of hot weather. In a hot environment, the human body's head blood vessels easily expand after exposure to the sun, which leads to nasal bleeding.
Second: emotions
Your nosebleed is also related to your own mood. When your body is angry and angry, it can easily cause Qi and blood to reverse. I believe everyone has watched a lot of people on TV who fainted or suffered a stroke after being furious. This is caused by the factors that lead to Qi and blood inversion and their own. So emotions can also cause nosebleeds.

Third: diet
When it comes to nosebleeds, most people think of getting angry. Indeed getting angry is one of the reasons. Then when you drink too much alcohol or eat spicy foods, it can easily lead to lung fever, and nosebleeds will occur.
<How to prevent nosebleeds in spring!>
First: indoor temperature
A hot environment is most likely to cause an outbreak of nosebleeds. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a good indoor temperature. Regular ventilation is recommended. The indoor temperature is maintained at 18 to 20 ° C and the humidity is about 60%.

Second: diet
Diet is also a major cause of nosebleeds, so prevention can be improved by diet. It is recommended to stay away from various fried and spicy foods, eat more easily digestible foods, and some fruits and vegetables.
The above are some of the causes of nosebleeds in spring and effective prevention methods. Xiaobian wants to say that although nosebleeds are common, most people still don't like being ridden, so understanding the causes and prevention methods can be effectively avoided. Do you understand that? These reasons and prevention methods are common in life.</div>

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