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These four categories of people are prone to fatty liver!
When it comes to fatty liver, most people will ignore it. However, fatty liver has become one of the most threatening liver diseases. It can lead to cirrhosis and even liver cancer. But fatty liver is also a favorite group. Want to know if you belong to vulnerable groups? Let's go and see the most vulnerable people.

These four categories of people are prone to fatty liver!

First: Obesity

Why does it cause obesity? It is that there is too much fat in the body, and the so-called fatty liver means that the fat and other substances exceed 5% of the liver. So fat is the main reason, and obesity is the manifestation of fat, so when a large amount of fat is in the liver, it will naturally erupt. The best way for this type of person is to lose weight, and to reduce disease through diet and exercise.

Second: smoking

Smoking can also cause fatty liver? Yes. Because nicotine and carbon monoxide are in the smoke, these two substances can cause serum cholesterol to rise, leading to the appearance of fatty liver. Therefore, if these people want to avoid fatty liver, they should quit smoking slowly.

Third: excess nutrition

Who is susceptible to fatty liver? Those who eat and drink frequently are most likely to be induced. When you are always too full, it will lead to excess nutrition and slowly convert to fat, and excessive diet will increase the liver burden. Therefore, it is easy to cause fatty liver entanglement? Therefore, it is best for these people to adjust their diet, stay away from all kinds of deep-fried, and learn to eat a light diet that is only full.

Fourth: alcohol

I believe everyone has heard of alcoholic fatty liver. Indeed, the appearance of fatty liver is also related to alcohol. When you have a lot of alcohol in your body, liver cells are damaged and metabolic capacity is reduced. Then fat oxidation in the liver will also decrease, and a large amount of fat will accumulate, leading to the appearance of fatty liver. This type of person does not want to be entangled and can only put down the glass and stay away from alcohol.

In fact, fatty liver will not depend on you for no reason. If you say that you like drinking or smoking and overeating and obesity, then fatty liver will definitely be entangled.

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