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These five symptoms of the body may be myocarditis!
Many people in life do not know about myocarditis, and often treat myocarditis as a common cold treatment, which has caused delays in many cases. Here I will take you to understand the main symptoms of myocarditis, so that you can do prevention and treatment in your daily routine.

These five symptoms of the body may be myocarditis!

First: fever

In fact, fever is a very common phenomenon. There are many cases that cause fever in daily life, so most people will rule out myocarditis. The editor wants to say that when you have a fever of unknown cause, I suggest going to the hospital for a checkup to avoid myocarditis.

Second: cough

Cough is also a common occurrence in daily life. Some people have a cough due to a cold, and some people have a cough caused by getting angry. However, most people ignore myocarditis. In fact, myocarditis can also cause cough. When you have repeated cough and accompanied by diarrhea, then myocarditis has come to your door. It is recommended to adjust it in time.

Third: Arrhythmia

What are the symptoms of myocarditis? In general, the most common myocarditis is arrhythmia. This symptom may not be well understood, but it can be checked with an electrocardiogram.

Fourth: Heart failure

Many people are unwilling to see heart failure, because when you have heart failure, it means that myocarditis has already appeared a lot, and it is now very serious. Early treatment is needed, otherwise it will easily lead to death.

Fifth: chest pain

Myocarditis can also cause chest pain, because when you often have chest pain, and it still belongs to sometimes pain, the drug analgesia has no effect, then this may be myocarditis entangled. So be cautious when you have unexplained chest pain, or myocarditis or pneumonia, etc.

Everyone is not very familiar with myocarditis in daily life, so you must learn the symptoms that cause myocarditis, so that you can quickly find it in normal times, so that you can prevent and treat it in advance.

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