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Symptoms and causes of coronary heart disease in women!
There are many people in life that are affected by diseases, of which coronary heart disease is a relatively common one. Then do you know what causes coronary heart disease and what are the symptoms when it gets entangled? Today I will take everyone to understand coronary heart disease in detail, so that you can find it early so that you can prevent it.

Symptoms and causes of coronary heart disease in women!

[ Typical symptoms of coronary heart disease! ] First: chest pain Chest pain is a more common manifestation, and coronary heart disease is just one of them. But when your chest will be painful due to emotional fluctuations; when your chest will be painful due to physical work, then this may be coronary heart disease. Second: Arrhythmia What are the symptoms of coronary heart disease? It may cause heart rate abnormalities. So when you obviously feel a cardiac abnormality, it is recommended to go to an early hospital. This is also a symptom. You can find it quickly by seeing a doctor. Third: vomiting Friends who are entangled with coronary heart disease often have obvious physical abnormalities, and nausea and vomiting are the most common. Therefore, the disease causes myocardial necrosis or hypoxia and ischemia, which induces vomiting and nausea. [ Causes of coronary heart disease! ] First: too full Do you have the habit of eating too much? In fact, when you eat too much, chances will cause blood to concentrate in the intestine, and the heart and brain will have insufficient blood supply. In addition, excess food will cause the heart's negative pressure to increase. , Which caused the emergence of heart diseases. Second: obesity Obesity is the main cause of many diseases, and coronary heart disease is one of them. So when you are obese, your body can easily lead to disease. Third: high blood pressure What causes coronary heart disease? In fact, the increase in blood pressure also has a certain impact. When blood is too high, it can lead to atherosclerosis, and the risk of coronary heart disease is increased by four times. The above is about the symptoms of coronary heart disease and some reasons. I want to say that if you want to stay away from coronary heart disease, you must understand the root cause and symptoms of it.

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