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Frequent numbness in women's hands and feet may be these reasons!
In daily life, many friends often experience numb hands and feet, and it is not caused by nerve compression. What happened to the tingling of the hands and feet? What caused it? Take this question to understand it, find out the root cause, and then consider symptomatic treatment.

Frequent numbness in women's hands and feet may be these reasons!

[Often tingling of hands and feet may be these kinds]

First: hypertension

If you often experience numbness in your hands and feet, it may be high blood pressure. Because when the blood pressure rises for a certain period of time, the small arteries in the whole body will spasm, which will cause the blood circulation of the limbs to be affected, resulting in numbness.

Second: diabetes

What causes numbness in hands and feet? It is also related to diabetes. Diabetic patients will develop peripheral neuritis due to neuropathy, so one of the symptoms of inflammation is numbness of hands and feet, especially at night when the pain will worsen.

Third: brain hypoxia

Many netizens are asking what happened to numbness of hands and feet on one side? In fact, this can be caused by transient cerebral ischemia. Because the brain blood will affect the nerves, the hands and feet will naturally become numb. Xiao Bian reminded that this kind of numb hands and feet should be vigilant, it may directly lead to cerebral infarction.

Fourth: Stroke

What happened to tingling hands and feet? It may also be a stroke. In fact, strokes have extremely obvious symptoms, and people who call me can experience headaches, light feet, and dizziness. Therefore, similar symptoms indicate strokes.

Fifth: low temperature environment

What causes numbness in hands and feet? In fact, numbness can be caused by long-term exposure to low temperatures. Therefore, staying at a low temperature for too long will affect the blood circulation, especially the most obvious end, so numbness of hands and feet will occur.

The above are some of the reasons for numbness in the hands and feet. I want to say that when you have numbness, don't worry, first find the specific cause yourself and then treat it symptomatically. For example, it is caused by the low temperature environment, so pay attention to the regulation of indoor temperature, for example, the factor of high blood pressure, then adjust and control the blood pressure.

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