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Be alert to early symptoms of esophageal cancer!
Most people are less concerned about cancer of the esophagus, but China is a country with a high incidence of esophagitis. It is reported that 90% of cancers are already in the middle and advanced stages when they are discovered, which means that the early symptoms issued by the body are often ignored. However, cancer has the highest cure rate when it is found early. Therefore, friends should pay more attention to the early symptoms of esophageal cancer in general. Then, simply understand it today.

Be alert to early symptoms of esophageal cancer!

[What are the symptoms of esophageal cancer?]

First: pain

In fact, the pain symptoms of esophageal cancer are often ignored, because the pain symptoms are too obvious, and many diseases such as back pain and chest pain have occurred. However, when your pain is dull or burning and tingling, Then we need to consider whether it is esophageal cancer.

Second: difficulty in handling

If you are entangled with esophageal cancer, your body will also signal when eating. Generally, patients with esophageal cancer will have a noticeable stagnation when eating, that is, they will feel blocked when they are swallowing. If you have this kind of situation, you must pay attention to it. Of course, this early symptom will not appear continuously.

Third: dry throat

A dry throat may also appear in the early symptoms of esophageal cancer, but this symptom is often caused by misleading throat discomfort. If taking a pill does not have a noticeable effect when you have a dry throat, then you have to consider esophageal cancer.

Fourth: acid reflux

For patients with esophageal cancer, acid reflux often occurs. For example, after meals or bed rest, food or acidic fluid will flow back to the throat or mouth.

In fact, most people in esophageal cancer are still unclear in daily life, and they don't even know that there is such a cancer. I do n’t know until the onset of cancer, so I recommend learning more about cancer. So the above are some of the early symptoms of esophageal cancer, friends who want to do a good job of prevention and treatment should come to see more, these symptoms should be vigilant once they appear, it may be esophageal cancer.

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