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Four common reasons why women are afraid of cold!
Most people think of women because they are afraid of the cold, because they often shout that they are cold, even in the summer. Why is that woman afraid of cold? What are the reasons for being afraid of cold? In fact, the weather and diseases are possible. Today I will simply take everyone to see if you are so cold .

Four common reasons why women are afraid of cold!

[Why is a woman afraid of cold? ]

First: May be afraid of cold

In fact, many women because of the secretion of estrogen cause neurovascular instability, which may cause blood circulation to be affected, which may cause abdominal pain and cold. This is also called cold. It is recommended that such friends who are afraid of cold pay more attention to proper exercise. You can choose to eat some lamb or shrimp and other foods.

Second: May be nutritional deficiencies

Why are women afraid of cold? It may be lack of iron. It is important to know that iron is the main synthetic substance of hemoglobin, and hemoglobin can help to increase blood oxygenation. Therefore, once iron is lacking, it will cause metabolic abnormalities, resulting in insufficient heat sensation in the body and fear of cold. It is suggested that this kind of friends can eat some iron supplement foods, such as shiitake mushrooms, lean meat, fungus and celery.

Third: May be cardiovascular disease

Women are afraid that cold may be a factor of cardiovascular disease, because most of these diseases will lead to the clogging of the terminal thrombus. When the blood circulation of the hands and feet is blocked, it will cause cold. Therefore, it is recommended to pay more attention to the conditioning of cardiovascular disease, to protect the cardiovascular.

Fourth: May be hypotension

When low blood pressure is involved, the circulation of peripheral blood will be blocked, and the insufficient blood supply to the limbs will not produce heat, which will cause the feeling of cold. These friends suggest that you can usually control your blood pressure from diet and exercise.

In fact, what are the reasons women are afraid of cold? Generally, there are the above four common reasons, which one do you belong to? Xiaobian wants to say that when you appear to be cold, come and see

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