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The cause of black stools may be a digestive disease!
In daily life, we all need to defecate, but many people don't know that they can be healthy from the color of stool. For example, red, black, or yellow. Red stools may be hemorrhoids or rectal cancer, etc., while yellow stools may be abdominal problems. What is the reason for the black stool? Today I will take everyone to take a simple inventory.

The cause of black stools may be a digestive disease!

[Black stool or these reasons!]

First: food

In fact, the relationship between diet can also lead to the emergence of black, such as eating a lot of iron food, beef or pork liver. Iron can form iron sulfide in the intestine, causing the color of stool to turn black. Not only that, some jams can also cause color changes. It is recommended not to add too much iron usually, as appropriate.

Second: digestive diseases

Black stools Most people think of eating the wrong food. In fact, they should also consider the factors of digestive diseases. Because most digestive diseases cause black stools, such as gastritis or foreign bodies in the esophagus, intestinal polyps and even gastric cancer. It is recommended that such friends pay more attention to the prevention and treatment of digestive diseases.

Third: Infectious diseases

In fact, systemic infections are also a major cause of black stools, such as more common sepsis or typhoid fever. This is a more serious reason. The color change of stool is completely dependent on the treatment of the disease, so it is the king to work hard to treat the disease.

Fourth: Drugs

Why is the stool black? In fact, it has something to do with medicine. In daily life, some medicines also affect the color of stool, such as iron or bismuth and some traditional Chinese medicine.

In fact, many people don't pay much attention to stool black, but it may also be a factor of digestive diseases or systemic infections, so don't usually underestimate it. Once the stool becomes dark, it is recommended to go to the hospital for investigation as soon as possible. If it is just a simple diet or a drug, then pay attention to dietary intake. If the disease is early treatment.

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