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Five common symptoms of myocardial ischemia in women!
Do you know the heart? The heart is an emperor to us. Once the heart appears in the body, the human kingdom will slowly fall. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the heart, and many people now have myocardial ischemia. If you have the following symptoms, then be careful, this may be myocardial ischemia coming to your door.

Five common symptoms of myocardial ischemia in women!

[Issues of myocardial ischemia due to these reasons]

First: shortness of breath in sports games

In fact, for myocardial ischemia friends, the most common is the symptoms of the chest. When you are exercising, there will be obvious blockages in the chest and shortness of breath. Then be careful, once it is myocardial ischemia, it may be Can cause sudden death or angina.

Second: Heartache

When you are working hard, when your body consumes too much energy, it can cause intense pain in the front of the heart, and this pain may spread to the shoulders.

Third: No spirit

We all have a system to ensure that your mental state will be good after you sleep well. However, when you sleep well, you will experience drowsiness, drowsiness, fatigue, or weakness, which means that the blood supply to the heart is insufficient, and your heart machinery may be ischemic.

Fourth: flustered

What are the symptoms of myocardial ischemia? Generally speaking, chest tightness or palpitation may occur during exertion, such as during sexual life or defecation.

Fifth: Heart rate is too slow

We all know that a healthy heart's heart rate is relatively normal every minute, so when your heart rate is abnormal, you must consider the disease factor. Generally speaking, the heart rate is less than 60 times per minute, which may be myocardial ischemia.

The above are a few common symptoms of myocardial ischemia. Xiaobian wants to say that myocardial ischemia is extremely harmful. When you have the above symptoms, you must promptly confirm the diagnosis. Once you are really ridden, it is recommended to pay attention to adjustment Good life rhythm, don't be too tired, reduce gravity activities, and stay away from tobacco and alcohol. Also pay attention to exercise, exercise is good for improving the heart and lungs.

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