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Six physical signs of stomach problems!
Stomach is a common disease, but most people don't know they have been affected by it. In fact, when there is a stomach problem, the body will show obvious signal performance. So if you want to know if you have stomach problems, you can learn from these symptoms. Here is a brief look at the typical signs of gastric disease.

Six physical signs of stomach problems!

[These phenomena are troubled by stomach problems!]

First: bad breath

People with poor stomachs often have oral problems, especially bad breath. This is because undigested food emits an unpleasant odor due to a decrease in gastrointestinal digestion. Of course, there are cases such as gum pain outside the mask.

Second: red eyes

Many friends' eyes often appear red and swollen, but most people think it is caused by overuse of the eyes. In fact, people with poor stomachs often lead to lack of qi and blood, which causes the liver to be affected. If the liver is affected, it will cause abnormal eyes.

Third: tinnitus

The stomach is also related to the ears. Generally speaking, friends with weak spleen and stomach often lead to insufficient kidney qi, which can lead to tinnitus or deafness.

Fourth: bloating

Abnormal stomach and intestines will definitely affect digestion, then abdominal distension often occurs after you eat, which means that there is a problem in the stomach. Therefore, the digestion of healthy foods in the stomach and intestines will be fast, and the problem of abdominal distension will not occur naturally.

Fifth: abdominal pain

When suffering from stomach problems, there will be obvious pain in the abdomen, especially in the early stage of the onset of stomach problems, abdominal pain tingling or colic.

Sixth: gastric acid reflux

What are the signals of the emergence of gastric disease? Generally there is more obvious gastric acid reflux. Prolonged lack of acid can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease, and it can cause more complications, even cancer.

In fact, there are many patients with stomach problems in daily life, but most of them are not clear that they have stomach problems. Those friends can come and learn these physical signals, and they will have these manifestations when stomach problems occur.

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